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We have several ongoing discipleship classes that you can take part in. Find details about some of our current classes below. If you are interested in taking a Discipleship course, please contact the church office.

Special Classes:


1 & 2 Kings Bible Study

The history of Israel is filled with tories of corrupt kinds, a divided kingdom, and exile. However, God’s sovereignty shines through as He uses broken people to achieve His purposes. The books of 1 & 2 Kings offer valuable lessons about God’s will and character. This class will be facilitated by Carol Leuken.

Wednesdays, starting January 28, 2015
6 pm



The heart of this five week Bible study for women is to understand the sabbath and help free us from the bondage of busyness, which keeps us from experiencing God’s best. This class will be facilitated by Mary Ann Center.

Sundays starting January 18, 2015
5 pm


Forgotten God

In this seven week study, we will focus on understanding, embracing and following the Holy Spirit’s Direction in our lives. This course will be facilitated by Craig Tanner.

Sundays starting January 18
5:oo pm


Know Doubt

This candid and thoughtful book explores the discomfort of doubt among the faithful. Writing from his own struggle with faith and uncertainty, John Ortberg proposes that the very nature of faith requires the presence of uncertainty, and considers how the right kind of doubt may actually deepen our faith and strengthen our relationship with God.

Sundays beginning on January 18
9:30 am


Life on Mission

Life on Mission explains the biblical foundations and explores the practical implications for how God has designed your life to be a part of His purpose in the world. I encourage you not only to read this book, but to apply it. And as you do, to join in what God is doing in your neighborhood, in North America and among the nations for the sake of His great name. This course is being facilitated by Brad Perry.

Sundays starting March 8.
5:00 pm


Recovering Redemption

This class gets to the root of brokenness by unpacking repentance, justification, adoption, and sanctification. This 12-week study will be facilitated by Jason Alexander.

Wednesdays beginning January 21.
6:00 pm


What are You Afraid Of?

Conquer your fears—and help others defeat theirs—with the What Are You Afraid Of? Bible Study. Get together with your church, small group, or even just a friend, to watch the video teaching from Dr. Jeremiah. When you combine the content in the videos, the group discussion it will inspire, and the individual study found in the Member Book, you will be well on your way to overcoming the following:

  • Defeat: The Fear of Failure
  • Depression: The Fear of Mental Breakdown
  • Disconnection: The Fear of Being Alone
  • Disease: The Fear of Serious Illness
  • Death: The Fear of Dying
  • Deity: The Fear of God

Facilitated by Jim Huitt

Sundays beginning March 8.
5 pm

Regular Classes:

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Second and fourth Tuesday of each month.
9:30 am


Be Active, Live Longer (BALL) Club Luncheon
Third Tuesday of the month


WOM Meeting
Fourth Monday of the month
1 pm